Rose Oil Fragrance Essential Oil Rose Ingredient

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Pure Essential Oil
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Istanbul, Turkey
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100 Carton/Cartons per Day
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Packaging Details
Package : 20 ml dropper glass bottle
Carton : 12 bottles
Istanbul Turkey
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Shipped in 1 days after payment
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Product Description

Our Concept : All Natural & All Herbal Products

Aksu Vital Natural Products


Natural Rose Oil 

Oleum Rose Damascena 



Usage: Externally, it may be applied by way of vapour or by adding to nonvolatile oils by making massage to the skin.


Rose Volatile Oil is obtained by steam distillation of rose petals. Its active substances are citronellol, geraniol, eugenol , nerol and phenethyl alcohol. It helps in recovering aches, sadness and stress caused by psychological problems, in providing balance in psychological terms.


Specialists accept that it facilitates birth psychologically, but they couldn’t reach a judgment regarding mechanism of action. It was found in researches carried out that child of the mother who uses rose oil as from birth is at a more advance level in distinguishing smells than its coevals (peers).


Rose oil has been used as from the past since it helps in recovering all skin problems, in accelerating new tissue formation and fast healing of skin wounds. It is one of the main oils used in perfume industry.


Packaging & Shipping


Estimated Shipment : 1 day after receipt of payment for small orders. For regular orders, lead time depends on order composition and quantity.





Package : 20 ml dropper glass bottle
Carton    : 12 bottles




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M00181SHF Rosemary Oil 20 ml2012
M00183SHF Rose Oil 20 ml2012
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M00198SHF Coconut Oil 20 ml2012
M00199SHF Nettle Seed Oil 20 ml2012
M00200SHF Jojoba Oil 20 ml2012
M00201SHF Apricot Kernel Oil 20 ml2012
M00202SHF Garlic Oil 20 ml   2012
M00204SHF St. John's Wort Oil 20 ml2012
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M02344SHF Rosehip Oil 20 ml2012
M02345SHF Parsley Oil 20 ml2012
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M00225SHF Pine Turpentine Oil 50 ml5012
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M00223SHF Sesame Oil 50 ml5012
M00224SHF Cocoa Oil 50 ml5012
M00226SHF Pumpkin Seed Oil 50 ml5012
M00228SHF Castor Oil 50 ml5012
M00230SHF Olive Oil 50 ml 5012
M01903SHF Glycerine 50 ml5012
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M02404SHF Ozonated Olive Oil 50 ml506
M02405SHF Ozonated St John's Wort Oil 50 ml506
M02406SHF Ozonated Apricot Kernel Oil 50 ml506
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M02174SHF Solid Coconut Butter15012
M02220SHF Solid Cocoa Butter15012
M02221SHF Solid Shea Butter15012
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M00238SHF Black Seed Oil 250 ml25012
M00240SHF Sweet Almond Oil 250 ml25012
M00244SHF Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml25012
M02339SHF Flax Seed Oil 250 ml25012
M02346SHF Safflower Oil 250 ml25012
 Care Oils  
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M00275SHF ProSav Foot Spray 50 ml5012



Company Information

AKSUVITAL Natural Products Foods and Cosmetics Co.


We are located in Istanbul, Turkiye. Since 1989


All ventures germinate a secret, hidden and wordless hope. That hope which falls silently down to a hearth and greens up in other hearts. Becomes visible, transforms into vocal and expressed in words.

Our hope started by realizing the fable of bees. We have first explored the bee whizz and stroll finds honey flavor with meaningful targets. Then we have started to walk through those fairness targets inspired to bees, the flowers and leaves. 

We have first explored the bee whizz and stroll finds honey flavor with meaningful targets. Then we have started to walk through those fairness targets inspired to bees, the flowers and leaves. 

Aksu Vital which started its activities in 1989 by production and sales of bee products, considering the different needs, today produces natural functional products under three different brands. It embraces a healthy life with its rich variety of products natural food supplements to derma-cosmetics. 


Main Products Are


* Food Supplements (Capsules, Softgels, Tablets, Syrups, Extracts)

* Herbal Oils (Essential, Carrier and Edible Oils)

* Honey and Bee Products (Multiflora Honey, Pine Honey, Honey Herb Mix Pastes)

* Herbal Cosmetic Products (Shampoos, Soaps, Skin Creams, Massage Oils, Care Serums, Air Fresheners)

* Natural Food Products (Molasses, Sauces, Floral Waters, Lozenges, Ground Grains, Vinegars, Herbal Teas

Aksu Vital, providing world class services, succeeded to be an global brand by carrying this success achieved in our country the concept of natural products.


Our products are listed in Herbal Shops, Cosmetic Shops, Pharmacies, Drug Stores, Supermarket Chains, Food Shops, Beauty Shops, Herbalists




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